Stefano Meneghetti



Master Trainer

He has always been a hyperactive boy, so at 5 he started playing football in a small club. He fell so in love with this sport, that he played in semi-professional sports club for 23 years.

His sport passion was so deep that he decided to graduate in Sport Science at Università degli Studi di Torino.

Since his second year at the university where he met Amir Lafdaigui, a friendship of very big importance for his life and professional status, he started working at Palestre Torino, a very famous fitness centre in the town of Turin.

After 3 years of hard work, he has become personal trainer embracing the functional training trough many courses like Pilates, floor routines and body strengthening (kettlebell & clubbell).

His experience took him up to be a FIBO international presenter.

His persistence led him to be the technical director of one of the Palestre Torino centre, because his dream was to found a fitness environment that could comply with his training ideas.

He has joined the Life Changer Project in 2015.

  • GFM certification
  • CFSC certification
  • Life Fitness Trainer
  • Trigger Point Trainer
  • Mondo Flooring Trainer