Andrea Chellini



Co-founder, Scientific Committee

Andrea’s passion for sport, pushed him to be a performing athlete since he was a child. He ventured in the triathlon since the middle school, winning the provincial and regional competition for 3 consecutive years. After that, he practised the Long Jump until he decided to practise figure skating, joining the National team and achieving good results in international competitions. This love for athletic preparation made him enrolling at ISEF (as in his family his father and his 2 uncles did) and becoming a coach for several famous athletes in various sport disciplines. From 1992 to 2005 he is the technical manager of a national UISP project, focused on the development of the coordinating abilities and on the basic mobility of children from 3 to 7.

He has been working at Moving Studio, speialized sport centre for athletes and common people who need to learn the quality movement. For this reason, in this centre, Andrea has the collaboration of high level physicians and professionals and for the same motive he decided to deepen his studies in the USA with Coaches like Mike Boyle and many others.

His research brought him to become a Master trainer and to be the national representative of the Buteyko Breathing Method.

After 20 years of experience he founded with Amir the Life Changer Academy, that has been born to make a dream comes true: creating a new professional and complete trainer figure.

  • Ex player of the National figure skating team
  • World champion Girevoy sport – kettlebell lifting (24kg)
  • Buteiko Master Trainer Italy
  • Mondo Flooring Master trainer