Amir Lafdaigui



Co-founder, Scientific Committee

His passion for training started when he was very young, when he wanted to increase his athletic performances trough his fitness preparation. His powerful need of having a prepared and meticulous coach on his side, pushed him to become a trainer himself. His graduation in Sport Science is just a start point of his career, in fact after several years he went back to the university as a Professor and became an International Trainer.

His desire of improving people’s life through training, pushed him farther up to attend post- graduated specialization courses of quality movement, coaching and communication.

After years of experience as a team leader of 50 successful trainers, he is confident that the more competent trainers driven by passion on one’s other health, the more people will get in touch with work-out as a natural health medication.

Beside, he builds up the first National Symposium on functional training called “Funzioni in Azione” to create a professional exchange among expert trainers.

Then, together with Andrea Chellini, he founded Life Changer Academy, based on a dream: creating a new professional figure who will stand out for technical preparation and reliability.

  • Awarded as one of the best Personal Trainer in 2010/11/12/13, with the publication of a PT book.
  • CO-writer with Lorenzo Branchetti of “ Piccoli Gusti” a book dedicated to primary obesity prevention through children nutrition and training.
  • Head Master Trainer Mondo Flooring
  • Master Trainer Escape Fitness
  • Master Trainer Trigger Point