Alessandro Severino



Master Trainer, Scientific Committee

Since he was young, he has always loved sport, he started playing football but soon after, thanks to his love for aesthetics, he chose bodybuilding, not only as an empowering muscle activity, but especially as a science and a training method.

This passion walked with him along his professional growing, until he founded and run his own gym, place where he could apply all his knowledge. So, he decided to take a graduation in Sport Science; but this was not enough! He took therefore a Master in Posturology at “Università di Roma la Sapienza” with a research thesis titled “Evaluation of the urinary status of serotonin in boys with scoliosis, before and after 3 months of swallowing rehab” published in “Le nuove frontiere della terapia mio-funzionale, 2012”. This path definitely changed his life, giving him new higher competences.

By then, he got deeper and deeper in specialties:

  • Specialization in the stomatognathic system diseases
  • Miofunctional therapist
  • Biometric expert
  • Back school
  • Sight and Posturology

In the meanwhile, he was nominated “Pedagogy worshiper” at the Università Parthenope di Napoli and more he participated in the book “Abitare La corporeità, FrancoAngeli pub, 2011” as a co-author of the chapter “Corpo e posturologia: approcci terapeutici e professionali innovativi”

Nowadays he runs the fitness postural lab centre of Napoli.