Teaching (8 – TCH)



Teaching (8 – TCH)

In this day module, a trainer will face the teaching topic. Being a good athlete doesn’t mean being a good trainer. For this reason, a right communication with the client is essential also for a more efficient result during work out sessions.
The day after there will be the final examination to become a Life Changer.

Class schedule


  • Effective questions
  • Verbal communication
  • Non – verbal communication
  • Feedback
  • Progressions and regressions

Included in the quota

working workbook
official certification
the participation to the toutoring on-line group (closed number)

The course do not request specific tools. Sport outfit is suggested for the physical activity.

Participation and promotions

  • Access guaranteed after having attended modules 1 - PMA, 3 - BBM, 4 - MST, 5 - PSF, 6 - NT, 7 - MM, 8 - OMS
  • Included in Lifestyle Pack with a discount of 50 €

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