Pattern Movement Assessment (1 – PMA)



Pattern Movement Assessment (1 – PMA)

When a person during his work out uses a wrong pattern movement, he is building up an entire movement on wrong basis. He is processing body compensation, he is ultra stimulating irrelevant muscles and more he is weakening the relevant ones. In a severe case one could also injured. This module explains how to evaluate basic movement pattern and shows all the corrective exercises linked.

Class schedule

Day 1

  • Learning of the basic dynamics of movement patterns and length of training
  • Learning of the principal test

Day 2

  • Learning of fundamental corrective exercises
  • Overall assessment

Included in the quota

working workbook;
official certification;
the participation to the toutoring on-line group (closed number).

The course do not request specific tools. Sport outfit is suggested for the physical activity.

Participation and promotions

  • Access free
  • Included in Movement Specialist Pack with a discount of 50 €

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