Myofascial Science and Training (3 – MST)



Myofascial Science and Training (3 – MST)

A brand new work method on the myofascial system, which included a careful and clear study on this very unknown organ. MST will let you understand the biomechanical and structural functions of that organ, up to the awareness of the myofascial lines and their action on body. Only an overall looking at the body tensegrity, can let us understand better the posture, the mobility, the stability, the power transmission and how function can affect the body shape. In this module myofascial release tools are used.

Class schedule

Day 1

  • Myofascial organ, what is it? How does it work?
  • Physiological systems, an introduction on myofascial lines
  • Myofascial recognition
  • Myofascial dysfunction: cause/ effect/ solutions
  • Test
  • Myofascial release work-outs on various muscles
  • Control check test

Day 2

  • Myofascial lines: release and assessment
  • Training planning

Included in the quota

il workbook di lavoro;
la certificazione;
l’iscrizione al gruppo chiuso di toutoring continuo online.
Il corso non richiede attrezzi specifici. Poichè verrà fatta attività fisica, si consigli un abbigliamento comodo ed adatto.

Participation and promotions

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  • Included in Movement Specialist Pack with a discount of 50 €

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