Mental Management (6 – MM)



Mental Management (6 – MM)

Going with the client to his focus and his target, it is necessary an adequate support along the path which will empower his motivation and his determination in achieving his goal. This module gives the necessary tools for this purpose: needs analysis, goal determination, motivation empowering and relational approach. Furthermore, basic acknowledgements on nutrition behaviour and emotive hunger are given in order to guide people who want to lose weight.

Class schedule

Day 1

  • Personal, behavioural and relational styles
  • Needs analysis
  • Active listening techniques and and questions formulation
  • Target focusing
  • Self confidence and motivation
  • Emotive aspect in the life changer-client relation
  • Simulations

Day 2

  • Various approaches with several kinds of clients
  • Nutrition behaviour and emotive hunger
  • Experience-based laboratory (group activities, role playing and simulations)

Included in the quota

working workbook
official certification
the participation to the toutoring on-line group (closed number)

The course do not request specific tools. Sport outfit is suggested for the physical activity.

Participation and promotions

  • Access free
  • Included in Lifestyle Pack with a discount of 50 €

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