Buteyko Breathing Method (2 – BBM)



Buteyko Breathing Method (2 – BBM)

This module is about the innovative breathing method by Dr Buteyko, based on reduction and removal of the chronic hyperventilation through 50 clinical applications.
Daily stress, bad breathing habit and some specific pathology, push the body to the chronic hyperventilation, reducing CO2 blood levels. Buteyko method is a breathing maximization which uses basic exercises, in order to modify checking parameters focused on organic gas (O2 & CO2) and more to improve cellular oxygenation.

Class schedule

Day 1

  • Respiratory system physiology: techniques and exercises to improve diaphragm functionality
  • Verigo-Bohr effect
  • O2 and CO2 balance
  • Breathing dysfunction and its effects on health
  • Diseases connected to a wrong breathing method
  • Buteyko method
  • Test

Day 2

  • Test
  • Corrective work-outs and planning

Included in the quota

working workbook;
official certification;
the participation to the toutoring on-line group (closed number).

The course do not request specific tools. Sport outfit is suggested for the physical activity.

Participation and promotions

  • Access free
  • Included in Movement Specialist Pack with a discount of 50 €

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