Biomechanics Pain Assessment (BPA)



Biomechanics Pain Assessment (BPA)

Innovative module, meant to measure the movement “joint by joint” and to evaluate the balance on mobility and stability that contributes on mechanical pain. One movement without the right mobility cannot be stable, therefore without the right stability it could lead to injury. The Working method is deeply detailed in order to learn how much a non-quality movement could affect pain. If there is no mechanical pain all the corrective exercises will help the trainer to improve the psycho physical status of his client.

Class schedule

Day 1

  • Basic notions of mobility and stability and their relation to the body
  • Efficacy and efficiency
  • Human movement. Test, regressions and assessment

Day 2

  • Human movement. Test, regressions and assessment
  • Corrective work-outs
  • Overall assessment

Included in the quota

working workbook;
official certification;
the participation to the toutoring on-line group (closed number).

The course do not request specific tools. Sport outfit is suggested for the physical activity.

Participation and promotions

  • Access guaranteed after having attended modules 1 – PMA, 3 - BBM, 4 - MST, 5 - PSF

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