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Privacy policy statement

We hereby inform you that the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of June, 30th 2003 (“Personal Data Protection Code”) regulates the protection of people and other subjects according to the processing of personal data.

According to the law, the aforementioned data processing will be based on the principles of fairness, legality, transparency and protection of your privacy and rights.

According to the Article 13 of Legislative Decree. n. 196/2003, we therefore provide the following information:

  1. The provided data will be processed for the following purposes: request of commercial information for Life Changer’s services
  2. The processing will be carried out in the following ways: computerized and manual
  3. The transmission of data is mandatory. Any refusal to provide such data may result in the non-performance – or partial performance – of the data supply.
  4. The data WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED TO OTHER PARTIES, nor will be in any case disseminated.
  5. The data processing holder is:Life Changer srl
  6. The entity in charge for data processing is: Life Changer srl
  7. You may at any time exercise your rights towards the holder of data processing, according to the article 7 of the legislative decree 196/2003.

For any further inquiries or clarification on the issue, send please an email to

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device (such as smartphones and tablets) when you visit the website. It enables the website to remember your actions sending information to the browser every time that you visit the same site and will provide information about your preferences for statistical purposes (such as, for example, username and password) and in order to deliver advertisements customized to your interests.

Types of cookies

Technical cookies are necessary for a proper website operation and web surfing. This kind of cookies permits the pages to be displayed correctly and the proper use of some services offered. They can be divided into two categories: persistent cookies are saved for a preset expiry time after closing the browser; session cookies are destroyed every time the browser is closed.

Analytical cookies are used to collect information about the website use, such as anonymous statistical analysis in order to improve the use of the website and to make its contents more interesting and related to your desires.

Profiling cookies are in charge for profiling the user and are used to send advertisements in line with the preferences displayed during navigation.

Third party cookies are cookies placed on your device by a website other than the one you are visiting and can be of each of the previously mentioned types: technical, analytical and profiling.

According to the current legislation, we do not require the consent for technical and analytical cookies, as they are used for the proper use of the website. As far as the profiling and third party cookies are concerned, consent can be expressed in one or more of the following ways:

– Through specific configurations of the browser used to visit the pages of the website

– By changing the settings for the use of third party services

We remind you that both solutions could prevent the proper use or displaying of the Website.

Cookies used on our website

We use technical cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the website and to let you correctly visit our website.

Furthermore, we use third party analytical cookies that are specifically those of Google and Facebook.

How to disable cookies

It is possible to modify the browser settings to disable the cookies through a very simple process.

Note: Disabling cookies may prevent the website from working partially or totally properly and displaying some parts of the pages.


  1. Click on the menu on the Chrome browser
  2. Select “settings”
  3. Click on “show advanced settings”
  4. In the “Privacy” section click on “Content settings”
  5. Disable all cookies clicking on “block sites from setting cookies” and “block third party cookies and other website data”


  1. Click on the settings menu on the browser tool bar
  2. Select “Options”
  3. Select the “Privacy” panel
  4. In the “history” section select “use custom settings”
  5. Disable the cookies clicking on “accept cookies from the websites”

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on “tools” on the browser bar
  2. Select “ Internet options”
  3. Click on “Privacy” and on “Advanced”
  4. Select “Override automatic cookie handling”
  5. Disable “first-party cookie” clicking on “Block”
  6. Disable “third party cookie” clicking on “Block”
  7. Disable “session cookie” deselecting “Always allow session cookies”


  1. Click on “settings” up on the right side, represented by a gearwheel
  2. Click on “Preferences”
  3. Select “Privacy”
  4. To disable the cookies, tap “Block cookie” and select “always”. Select the option “third party and advertisers” to disable the cookies sent by a domain other than that being visited.


  1. Click on “Preferences” on the browser bar
  2. Select “Advanced”
  3. Select “Cookie”
  4. Select one of the following options: “Accept all cookies”, “Accept cookies only from the site I visited”, “Never accept cookies”

How to disable third party cookies

Google services


This page is visible through the link on the website footer, according to the article 122 second paragraph of the legislative decree 196/2003, and following the simplified disclosure statements and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies published on the Official Journal n. 126 of June, 3rd 2014 and its related provision register n. 229 of May, 8th 2014.