Why becoming a Life Changer

The figure of the customer has been changing a lot: more informed about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle but still forced on sedentary life and under pressure many hours a day, with a negative consequence on his psycho-physical status.

Personal training limits

No matter the reason why anyone decides to have personal training, actual trainers start their assistance from the work out, studying a path that takes the customer up to obtain a performance.
Following this standard is not the right way because:

  • It is assumed that movement basis are correct
  • It is not considered the customer background (psychology, nutrition habits, lifestyle)
  • There is a loss of trainer’s education in following the customer properly: some trainers focus on posture and do not take care of psychology, some others work on mobility without paying attention to nutrition

The result is a spotty training with a temporary improvement so it is not a long-lasting changing built to resist.


Life changing outlooks

Who becomes a Life Changer has a new approach to training with a brand new point of view:

  • Giving back significance to the quality of movement as a work out base
  • Researching on client’s motivation to find out a fitting specific path, paying attention to psychology, nutrition and movement.

The result is a general change that leads the customer up to his physical and emotional goals.